Lease with Real Residential

Real Residential has a number of professional property managers within our team to effectively protect and care for your rental property.

We are committed to ensuring your leased property is continually and properly cared for, and that your return on investment is optimised. Our advanced technological systems, combined with highly experienced property managers, allow us to comprehensively and transparently manage your investment, tenants and rental income.

Our property management team has all the requisite legal and industry knowledge to guarantee compliant and correct management of your rental property.

Real Residential Property Managers carefully screen and select potential tenants to recommend to you. We take an approach of fair and respectful treatment of tenants, while ensuring firm and diligent adherence to the terms of lease. We stay in regular contact with you, and offer a 24-hour turnaround commitment on responding to your enquiries.

Our support team will take your call all hours, so contact us to discuss your property management needs.